God is creator and made you creative, so that you can create, as He did. That’s why He provided each of us with imagination, talents and skills, which find an effective mean of expression through art.

AMA 2024


AMA (Artistic and Missionary Adventure) is a project led by the Chemin Neuf Community. It gathers youths who have the desire to live a collective adventure along with spectacle creations. Brothers and sisters of the Community, young amateur artists – and even professional sometimes – thus work together to build a spectacle.
AMA blends together art and faith because each participant is led to question their faith, to reflect on what they want to say or to show as christians. Our hope is that AMA spectacles may show something of God, to share the good news of Jesus Christ in a perpetual new way.

AMA began in 2021 with the creation of a spectacle played during a tour the next summer (Welcome to Paradise Festival, Be The Church Festival, streets of Yvoire).

In 2023, two spectacles were created and played in Portugal during the Youth World Days in Lisbon. 
In 2024, we are preparing ourselves to a new adventure : two spectacles for the three weeks of Welcome to Paradise festival in Hautecombe Abbey (73) during summer.
« AMA » – Love ! in portuguese – will be our source for creation, our principle for fraternity and our goal for the world. 

2 new spectacles

Opening Night of ‘Welcome To Paradise’ Festival

Artistic Way of Mercy

Practically, what means involving in AMA ?

Dates of weekends in 2024

Dates of summer 2024 in Hautecombe Abbey


How to participate in AMA ?

How much does it cost ?

Meal + accomodation. Transportation are not included.

Meal + accomodation. Transportation are not included.

Each of us is encouraged to look for funds to support the project which relies on generous gifts of donators.

Money should not be a barrier. We can talk if necessary.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth… And God saw that it was good.



The AMA Street Spectacle during the World Youth Days 2023 in Lisbon


Foyer Paul Couturier (Maison Paradise)
10 rue Henri IV
69002 LYON